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Hofdi Horizon is a SME, formally established in Iceland in July 2021, as an Education and Consulting Centre with the aim of being actively involved in European and International projects to support people in the fields of educational, social, entrepreneurial, environmental, health, sport and technological projects as well as organizing internship opportunities in Iceland for foreign students and job-shadowing in Iceland for teachers. Hofdi Horizon places a great emphasis on educational and social development of our participants with the aim of helping them to develop into self-assured, inventive, successful, psychologically, physically and spiritually healthy individuals Through training, workshops and theme days, we impart our understanding of societal concerns impacting ethnic communities. Professionals can use our advice services to put their newly learned knowledge to use.

Jóhanna Ingvarsdóttir

General Manager/Project Manager/Group Leader

Etibar Mikayilov

Project manager

Andri Þór Grétarsson

Chairman/Group Leader

Sandra Rún Grétarsdóttir

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